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The Best Love Message for my darling boo

Am addicted to you like you are tobacco
Take you on trip in Trinidad and Tobago
Am stuck on you never to let you go
Can’t drop you am in love with your cargo

My love for you like XML is extensive
Can’t let go off you like a white
Nigeria president is impossible
Even when you wrong me I’ll forgive I’m that compatible
I just wanna be your one and only, your indispensable

I will protect our love like a samurai
I will be the best I can for you I’ll try
Ours is the kind of love that can never die
I love the love that I see in your eyes

I will love you till I breathe my last
I found true love in you at last
Our love is true and this will forever last
This is the best love I will ever had
Better than what I ever had in the past

Ours is like a sweet love story
You got me high like a tall building 50 storey
You want it? will buy it for you no story
Just want to be your best friend end of story