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Love Messages For My Woman

Love Messages 1
Like Fresh water in a dry place
So is the joy in my heart when I see your fine face
Like fresh meat in a place of dry bone
So is my state of mind when am with you my own
Never to leave you alone
Never to be alone when I have you as my own

Am so into you
How I love you so
I don’t know
How you get to be you
It’s hard for me to know
How you captured my heart only God knows
Unbreakable is my love for you this I know

Love Messages 2
I have you I do not own you
Privileged am I to be loved by you
Favored am I to be the one to make you happy for being you
I love you true to God I do

You captured my heart with your magic
You are the melody in my heart I love your music
On repeat in my heart like sweet music
Can’t lose you what we share is magic