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Lovely SMS To Send To Boyfriend or Girlfriend

In you I have known me better
Knowing you has only made me love you better
Like the sweet words of a priceless love Letter
So is the sweetness of our love I’ve had none better

Sweetness is what I promise you nothing bitter
To make our good better
With sweetness that makes you forget the bitter
Smile for me darling I love the sweetness of your laughter

I will love you in worse and when it’s better
And when its better I will love you even better
To be your cover when you got no shelter
To be the reason you write a love letter
Just wanna be your best

You are sweet to me like peanut butter
Cool to me like iced water
Close to my heart like a pacemaker
Love you dearly you are all that matter

If it ain’t you then I don’t want it
If it ain’t from you then I better forget it
It’s you I want all the way I can’t help it
I got love for you believe it