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I Love You Messages for the One I Love

Love Messages 1
I love you so
From you never letting go
Desert or sea for you I’m ready to go
From this heart of mine I truly love you for you

I love you and before the world I’ll tell it
I love you for real never forget it
Take it or leave it the love I got for you believe it
I’m going to love you for life no changing it

My love for you can never be over
My playing around is already over
Your sweetness is what won me over
Now my love for you is flowing over
I’ll stay true to you no changing over

Love Messages 2
I got eyes for you only
My love for you grows daily
I’ll be crown for your head butter for your bread pillow on your bed
Forever yours always your best friend

Roses are red violets are blue
I’ll be your daily bread I’ll be true to you
Roses are red violet are blue
When life goes red I’ll go green for you
Always your friend always in love with you