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Love Messages Composition for My Sweetheart

So much is my love for you
That I feel it when something bothers you
I love you believe me I do
No matter how circumstances make it seem untrue
True is my love for you

Irreplaceable are you
Generous to me is you
Unbreakable is my promise to you
The better half of me is you
The keys to my heart I give you
I love you that’s true

From this moment
On my love for you I promise an improvement
On my promise to love you no disappointment
From good to better so shall be our love
There shall be development

You came to me like a gift from God above
I look into your eyes I see sweetness I see love
Nothing matters to me more than you except God
I love you, I do true to God

I think you all day
I dream you all night
Ready to go with you all the way
I got you in my life and with this am alright