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Coolest Love Messages for My Baby

Love Messages 1
I just want to be your best friend
I want to be the cream in your coffee let’s blend
I promise to be straight to you I won’t bend
My playing days are over I’ve reached the end
I promise to be with you till the end

I chose you for a reason
Won’t betray you, no treason
Love you in all weather and all season
I’ll be the spice your life needs, your life seasoning

Love Messages 2
My love for you is not casual
Supernatural love this is unusual
I will love you uniquely not as usual
Multimedia love I got for you this is audio visual

My love my best friend my sweetness
Believe me when I say I love you from the depth of my heart
My promise of love is unbreakable
My commitment to you is unshakable

Roses are red violets are blue
You are always in my head and am dangerously in love with you
Roses are red violet are blue
Without you on my bed am lonely and blue
These are not just words but a piece of my heart from me to you