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Classic Love Rhymes Sweet Love Messages

Forward ever no rewind
Going ahead with you no getting behind
I love you beyond the looks not about your curves and your behind
No breaking us apart every haters of our love we cast and we bind

Connected to you like trees and branches
We go together like thunderstorm and lightning flashes
Your love is my drug can’t get by without this
I love you for real am serious about this

I can be the wheel you can be the barrow
You can be the ink I can be the Biro
Am struck by your love like a flying arrow
With no wings I can’t fly like the sparrow
Flying on the wings of our love sweetheart you are my hero

You are the icing on my life cake
The sweetness of my love cake
You heart is mine to keep not mine to break
Stuck on you like butter icing on a sweet cake

Without your love am like a house with no foundation
Like a soccer team with no formation
So is a me without the presence of my one and only companion