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Romantic Love Messages for my Sweetheart I Miss Him (Her)

You are the flame on my love candle
You light up my life you make me feel alive
Can’t let go of you
You are the pool in which I want to dive till I breathe my last
You alone will be my friend for life

French kiss you like we live in Paris
That’s what I wanna do to you
My sweet boo I miss you don’t tarry
I just wanna be yours forever
It’s you I wanna marry

Perfect love like number seven
Sweetest gift you are
You are sent from heaven
I’m odd sometimes you make my life even
Just wanna make our union happen

I choose you in the midst of many
It’s my decision I can’t regret it
Still glad I choose you for this am happy
The day I met you I can’t forget it
Can’t break your heart never forget it

Why I love you so much I don’t know
The end of my love for you, you’ll never know
For it will never end
Best friends till the very end