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Love Messages like Valentine

Love Messages 1
I will choose you again if I had to
You and I together is one not two
You are my number one and my number two
If I had to count to hundred it would still be you
I love you

What I promise to you
Is what I’ll do to you
If I must change it would be to get better for you
For worse for better always in love with you

I have a strong affinity for you
Like the morning has a strong affinity for dew
I love you in ways very many not few
You render my life sweet like a plate of white rice and red stew

Love Messages 2
You are where I want you to be, in my heart
You are who I want you to be my sweetheart
You’ve got what I want you to have the keys to my heart
I love you dearly and I pray it stays like that

Like Siamese twin joined by heart
Our heart beat as one
Never to separate from you never to part
My soul mate you, you is the one