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Sweet Romantic Love messages you can send to your Loving Partner

Love Messages 1
Missing you is not good
It’s like going for days with no food
I hate it when I miss you but what can I do
Nothing but just hope you miss me like I do

I pray God takes care of you
For only God loves you more than I do
I pray life treats you fairly
In this life its only you I love this dearly
I pray your wishes come true
I love you I most sincerely do

When life gives you a no
I’ll be there to give you a yes
When life gets cold and you see is snow
I’ll be your warmth never to leave you friendless

Love Messages 2
Incomplete am I without you by my side
Your absence makes me feel left aside
Can’t help but want you by my side
Thank you for standing by my side
I love you however smooth or rough the ride

Swimming in an ocean of your love
I’m overwhelmed by your love
You’ve been the icing on my life cake
It’s a great joy seeing you when I wake
My one and only I love like a fat kid loves cake