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Love SMS To Express My love to Her to Him

You are the melody my heart sings to
The one my heart clings to
The one I love and belong to
The harmony my tenor needs like alto

Loving you is like icing on my cake
Just want to be giving you I got no plans to take
What I do for you I do for love sake
I just want to be your icing you can be my cake

No sleeping, but I’ll be your sweet dreams
No bad experience, won’t be your nightmare
When you need me won’t get lost I’ll be right there

The extent of my love for you is beyond measure
Valuable like a priceless jewel you is the one I treasure
Always to make you happy never to subtract your pleasure

I’ll love you in mathematics
Multiply your joy subtract your sadness
True love this is no gimmicks
Love you like royalty you are my princess