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Coolest Romantic Love Messages for the One I Love

Love Messages 1
Speechless is how you make me sometimes
Breathless is how you leave me other times
Head over heels in love with you is how I feel at all times
Love you till the end of time

Alone am in half with you I’m whole
I’m connected to you in body and soul
On with you like a shoe and it’s sole
You complete me like a square peg in a square hole

There’s no denying
Am in love with you this is no lying
On the wings of our love am now flying
Our marriage knot we shall soon be tying
No stopping it’s you I’ll always be loving

Love Messages 2
Am not afraid to love you
Boundless love I have for you
I commit my all to only you
Never to deny you I’ll forever be loving you

You give my life harmony like a song in alto and tenor
You are the sweetness my life enjoys like sugar and honey
I’m enriched by you like bags of gold and money
Love you dearly my sweetheart my honey