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Cute Love Text Messages My Girlfriend Would Love

You precious to me like my eyeball
Wonderful to behold like a water fall
My heart is what you are
By my side is where I want you not afar

Life is much sweeter
When the one you love is close to you like a sister
Our love is a lot better
Cause it goes beyond Facebook and twitter
Sweetness is what I wish us nothing bitter

Soft music reminds me of your sweetness
The calmness of the night reminds me of you
So glad I found you my darling my boo
I’m so in love with you

When my love for you get tested
I get all the more interested
In how I can love you better
Now is when I will love you not later
Love you always in worse and in better

You are like a sweet melody in my heart
Reaching into the very depth of me
I love you beyond words that’s a fact
I love you more than I love me
And I pray it stays like that