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Loving Words You Can Send as Text Message To Her or Him

To share with you the same address
Not as neighbours but as a couple
The true wishes of my heart in words I express
Wanna be the reason you smile never to cause you trouble

My desire for you is obvious in my eyes
I love the love I see in your eyes
Colorful love like a flower garden filled with butterflies
That’s my promise for you believe me not a bunch of lies

From January all the way to December
Every moment with you is one I cherish and always remember
24 hours a day 7 days a week
Your love is my strength always available no reason to be weak

I look at every one
But it’s you alone I see
I hear every one
But it’s you alone I listen to
I know a lot of people
But It’s you alone I trust

No one else come close
Why I love you so only God knows
Your love is all that matters
Never far from you always in my heart you are that close