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The Best Romantic Love Messages for Him for Her

Your love got me doing gymnastics
I love you even without the cosmetics
Believe me this is no gimmicks
Forget the heartbreaks statistics
Ready to do the love mathematics
One plus one will equals to one
You my dear is the one

You my dear is the one
you my dear is the price that I won
You my dear is the best you are my number one
I got no number two you are the only one

My superstar my ultimate champion
My love, outstanding like an elegant stallion
My soul mate my best friend my tireless champion
I believe in your love like an unbeatable battalion

Fierce love I got for you like a lion
My love for you is strong like an iron
Unshakable love unmovable like mount Zion
Am impressed by your love like a hot pressing iron
My one and only my one in a million

How I won your heart I don’t know
My heart is yours to keep that I know
Ready to let the whole world know
How much I love you