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Romantic Love Poems for My Sweetheart

Love Messages 1
On Monday I will be sweet to you more than vanilla
On Tuesday I will take you to places finer than manila
On Wednesday I will bring you joy I'll be your thriller
On Thursday I will be your harmony like alto and tenor
On Friday I will be strong for you like the bone called femur
On Saturday I will be your peace there shall be no cause for tremor
On Sunday I will be honey to your tongue you will beg for more
Till time cease to be I will be everything good and sweet to you than before

No matter the distance for you I will
No matter the hindrance for you I will
In bad times for instance for you yet I will
For you I will be everything good forget the bill
Whether now or later I will love you still

Love Messages 2

My love my fine princess
My queen my treasure costly and priceless
My everything my number one business
My love for you will always be in newness

Priceless is you
You are my treasure
Sensational is you
You give me pleasure
My love for you is true and beyond measure
My commitment to you will last forever for sure

Sweet is how life is to me when it’s you loving me
I love even me better when you are with me
You bring out the best in me you are the catalyst of me
I love you better than I love me