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Love Messages For My Man

I pledge my undying love to you
When the going gets tough I will stay in love with you
To ever remain the best friend of you
That’s my undying promise to you
I love you I do

Precious is what we share
It’s golden
Priceless jewel is what you mean to me
You are golden
You mean the world to me
My promise of love to you can’t be broken

I want to grow old with you
To be and remain the best friend of you
When everything around makes no sense to you
I just want to make perfect sense to you

You make perfect sense to me
When nothing make sense to me
You reassure me
Thanks for loving me for me
And for making me a better me than you met me
Love you dearly

Favor found me
When your sweet love found me
Goodness found me when you choose to love me
I love you better than I love me
You will always be the better half of me