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Love Messages That will Blow your Sweetheart Away

You are an angel in human skin
I feel blessed to be touching that skin
Your beauty is skin deep
My love for you is this deep
You come close my heart beat skips
My plan is to love you for keeps

Through highs and lows
The depth of our love shows
Through thick and thin
I’ll stay in love with you even God knows

Am the lamp you are the holder
Our love shines bright without a lamp holder
Beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder
Your beauty is beyond words you blow away every beholder
Am blessed to be your hand holder
Love you for a lifetime in my youth and when am older

When opposition rise our love will stand secure
I love you for real and for sure
Keep your mind at rest and be rest assured
Am here to stay no running way

Am not perfect I may hurt you
Believe me I still love you
In my imperfection I will go out of my way for you
For a gem as priceless as you
You are the best I love the personality of you