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I Miss My Sweetheart Romantic Love Messages

Love Messages 1
You mean the world to me
Without you the world is nothing to me
You are the other half of me
The most beautiful and best half of me
I love you better than I love me

However hard I try
Your absence is hard to bear
Colorful like a butterfly
So is my life when you are there
You are the apple of my eye
Priceless and very dear I love you my dear

I hardly sleep these days
It’s been days since I last saw your fine face
I hardly smile these days
It’s been tough missing you for days
All I got is memories of how we past days
I love you in many and more ways

Love Messages 2
I know you love me
But I love you more
I know you need me
But I need more
Need I say more?
You is the one that I adore

The times we share together
The beauty and sweetness of you
The extent and depth of our love
I will love you now always and till I go breathless