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Romantic I Love You Messages

I’m drenched in the pouring rain of your love over me
You bring out the best in me
And how you love me is so beyond me
God has indeed been good to me
For given you to me, the sweetest lover of me

I want you to stay
For my love is indeed here to stay
For you this I pray
That your strength fails you not
That your dreams and aspirations fail not
When you have and when you have not
May your strength to smile depart you not

Honey you are my shining star
You shine with the brightness of a million stars
So glad that you are mine
Priceless treasure of a gold mine
I remain yours sincerely

You are dearly loved by me
Greatly appreciated by me
How you stay has a sweet lover of me
Bring tears to these very eyes of me
I love you from the very depth of this heart of me

Even though we fight I can’t forget your sweetness
You have being a source of strength in my weakness
I pray God bless you beyond your imagination
Enlarge you beyond your anticipation
I love you sincerely God is my witness