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Romantic Love Messages for The Love of Your Life

Love Messages 1
I love you I can’t explain it
Our love, I’ll live to protect it
You are all over my heart I can’t deny it
I’ll stay committed to you I won’t revoke it
Believe it

My love for you is maximal
My commitment to you is high not minimal
I’ll be sweet and caring to you not an animal
I feel like a high school and you are the principal

Your absence makes my heart go fonder
Why I love you this much I wonder
I promise you sweet love no blunder
Together forever no going asunder

Love Messages 2
Loving you is compulsory not an option
My love for you is of a different dimension
Not to mention I promise undivided attention
To shower you with love and affection
That’s my real intention
To make a long lasting sweet impression

I love you beyond explanation
To love and care for you that’s my inclination
I give my heart to you without hesitation
Why you chose me is beyond comprehension
This is my appreciation
Of how you’ve loved me without reservation
Love you dearly