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Good Morning and Good Night Romantic Love Messages

Love Messages 1
I’d still choose you
However much I feel hurt by you
I’ll still love you
However hard it gets I can’t leave you
For reasons beyond me I just love you I do

For reasons beyond me I just love you I do
Beyond words can explain I just need you
Beyond the words you say I just believe you
My heart my soul my being is connected to just you
I love you with my everything I was born to love just you

At night when sleep embrace my eyes
When my desire for you arise
When I see you only when I close my eyes
I pray God to keep you until on you I set my eyes
Sweet dreams to the apple of my eyes

Love Messages 2
You are the apple of my eyes
My joy and my sunrise
I’ll forever cherish the love i see in your eyes
You’ll always attract me like a garden attracts butterflies
Love Is all I feel for you it is obvious in my eyes

It’s a new day
I’ll say good morning in a new way
It’s a new day
Be reminded I’m here to stay
It’s a new day
So glad you are alive this day
Do have a great day I’ll love you today and every other day