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Romantic love Messages you can send in the Morning or at Night

Love Messages 1
My decision to love you is certain
Of our relationship I promise to be a good captain
I love you the way you are no complain
You are sweet to me like fried plantain
I love you in ways more than my mind can contain

I love you like Joseph loved Mary
I need you like a bride needs a groom to marry
You are like a major course I can’t afford to carry
Ready to make you mine for life I won’t tarry

My love for you is a verb it’s an action word
My love for you is an adjective it will qualify you
My love for you is without clause it will stay perfect for you
You mean the world to me believe my words

Love Messages 2
Your gladness makes me glad
Your sadness makes me sad
I promise you goodness never to go bad
Privileged to be loved by you
Being loved by you makes me glad
I really love I do

I’m attracted to you, true
I’m committed to you, still true
Connected to you like a plug and socket, very true
I love you most passionately, forever true