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Lovely Love Messages For My boo

I will love you in different tongues
Express love for you in different songs
I’ll do you right only no wrongs
I love you this I say in different dialect and different tongues

I can’t get over you
The way I’m so in love with you
Am so blown away by you
How it is you get to be you
Mystifies me can’t get enough of you
Am impressed by the sweetness of you
In love with this personality of you
If I ever ever get to wrong you
Forgive me just wanna be the perfect love for you

I just wanna be your sweet mama
Write you a love story no drama
Elegant like a stallion not a llama
Love you round when I come around no bad karma

You brighten my perceptive
Love me all you can am receptive
Love you only am not deceptive
No matter how bad the situation I will love you in respective

Am on a mission so possible
Break your heart? Never that’s impossible
Love you good and sweetly for that am responsible