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Romantic love messages you can send to your Fiance or Fiancee

Love Messages 1
You make me want to get married
I’m a changed man my past is dead and buried
True love I got for you real and valid
Every other girl looks like an invalid

I’m so lost in you
No longer can I be found
I’m so in love with you
You got me high like a kite far above the ground
I love you; I do 24/7 all year round

From a heart that cares to a heart that cares even better
Comes this refreshing words of love like fresh water
May our love always bring us laughter
I love you I do and it can only get better

Love Messages 2
I miss you I really do
Without you I’m lonely that’s true
I need you I really do
A great helper you’ve been that’s true
I don’t want to live through life without you

I love you real good
But you love me even better
I care for you this good
But you care for me even better
I kiss you this good
But you kiss me deeper and even better
I love how you love me better
You make my good even better