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Loving Words to Express My Love to My Girlfriend

Love Messages

All Year Round
In January my love for you will be plenary
In February I’ll love you for real not virtually
In March you won’t fall it’s you I’ll catch
In April I’ll sign with you a love deal
In May I’ll love you come what may
In June I’ll sing you a love tune
In July like makeup it’s you I’ll apply
In August I’ll love you no matter the cost
In September my love for you for you will I remember
In October I’ll love you better than September
In November I’ll love you like there will be no December
In December our love will be like Xmas
Never to be forgotten forever to remember

The first touch I remember it
The first kiss I can’t forget it
How we met I still replay it
You love me this much how will I not repay it
I love you and this is my declaration of it