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Loveliest Love Messages for My Partner

For all time is my devotion to you
No fading away no eroding of my love for you
No lying no cheating on you
This is my promise and certain commitment to you
I love you

I finally found you
True love is what I’ll show you
Responsible is what I’ll be to you
Happy you chose me will be the constant emotion of you
For I’ll never break my promise to you

To grow old with you is what I desire
To love you in my youth and when I retire
I love you beyond your looks and your attire
No quenching this you are the light of my fire

With you around me I’m alright
Me without you is not right
Together we are Mr and Mrs Right
I’ll love you all day and all night

I love you with all of me
And all of me is in love with all of you
Loving you right is all I want to do
I pledge to you all of me