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Poetic Love Messages for Her for Him

Love Messages 1
My love for you is not a waste of your time
When am with you I lose track of time
My love is long term not part time
I’ll love you now and for a lifetime

I think of you this big
But my plans for you is much bigger
I love you this big but my plan to love you forever is much bigger
Alone by myself I’m this big
Together with you I’m much bigger
I Love you

You have been a blessing to me
Favor is what found me
When you first said hi to me
I love you more than life is to me
Forever to cherish the day you said yes to me

Love Messages 2
You said YES to me but NO to others
I’ll give my all to you and none to others
Never to regret you said yes your happiness is all that matters

The day you said ‘’I DO’’
My ‘’ME’’ changed to ‘’YOU’’
The centre of my world now is God and ‘’YOU’’
You are dear to me this heart of mine now beats for ‘’YOU’’