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Love Quotes for My Loving Sweetheart

Love Quotes 1
Never to say goodbye to you
Never to break this heart of you
Never to regret falling in love with you
Never will I ever stop loving you; I love you I really do

My answer to you is yes
Do I love you for real? Yes
Will I stay till the very end? Yes
Do I mean what I say and love you come what may? Yes
To love you more and more is my plan never less

Love Quotes 2
When you come close my heart beats faster
Your love occupies space in my heart like matter
To love you with all of me is all that matter
Inseparable is you and I like Mary and Martha

You and I we are meant to be
With you is where I want to be
You are my number 1 number 2 and number 3
Ask what you need and I would buy up to 3
I love you and that’s how it will be