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Cool Love Messages to Send as SMS To Her or To Him

Sleep is gone from my eyes
Like a flower garden with no butterflies
I miss you see the tears in my eyes
I love you close I hate goodbyes
My boo my darling I miss the love in your eyes

Anything I need to do
To indeed show how much you matter to me I’ll do
Everything I need to give
To show all I have is yours, I’ll give
Nothing is too much to do
To express my love to you

I find completeness in you
My other half is you
The one I love and want to share life with is you
My life makes better sense with you

Your love is music to my soul
You complete me you make me whole
What I must do to keep you I will do
I love you I really do

Life sometimes gets lonely
Finding someone to share life with is a gift not a privilege
I appreciate you choosing to share life with me
You have been a wonderful gift to me