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Sweet Romantic Loving Messages for my Cute Girlfriend

Love Messages 1
Surrounded by the sweetness of your love
You is the angel of me send from heaven above
I’ll love you till the last day of forever
My promise of love I’ll keep till my life is over

You are like the music that gets me dancing
The melody that get me singing
Addicted to you am not leaving
Can’t get enough of you this is like recycling

Sweet drops of flavored honey that’s you
Delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream that’s you
Strong, determined and faithful still you
I love you I really do

Tears of love roll down my eyes
Love has found me you make my dreams come true
Never to toy with what we share
I love you loads

Love Messages 2

Love is sweet when it’s true
Love is sweetest when it’s I and you
If ever I feel down I think of you
And all my sadness I forget

feels good to be in love again
everything i lost, in you i have since regain
never again will i be heartbroken again
I'll walk down the aisle with you and I'll do it again again

this is the end
the end of my loneliness
this is the end
the end of my unseriousness
this is the end
the end of the search to fill my emptiness
the prince in me has found in you a princess
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