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Awesome Love Messages for Your Lover

My heart beats in syllables that spell your name
You is the one I want, any other will drive me insane
Till the end of time my love for you will remain

You light up my world
You are the light of my fire
You rock my world
I’ll love you forever not to ever retire
You are my gift from God
Keep you in my heart forever

A rolling stone gathers no moss
But I’ll stay with you and I’ll count no loss
You are my first choice not a gamble
The love I show to you is just a preamble
I’ll stay responsible to our love

I love you it shows in my eyes
Trust me am done with game and lies
When you come close I get butterflies
You light up my world like a night timed filled with fireflies
I just wanna say I do looking into your eyes

I’m on a love journey
From which I don’t plan to return
My love for you is an investment
From which I plan to get no returns
What I do for you I do for love
I just wanna love you better
Whenever you hungry I wanna be your bread and your butter
Your strength when you are weak
Your sweet lollipop always available for you to lick.