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Romantic Messages to Express My Love to Her to Him

Love Messages 1
My first love my one and only
My best friend with you I’m never lonely
Appreciated by you and never treated badly
Choosing you was a decision made wisely
Till my eyes close in eternal sleep it’s you I’ll forever love daily

I thank God you are mine
Your sweetness better than that of fruit wine
I treasure you like a goldmine
Priceless gem of invaluable worth so glad you are mine

Just so you know
Deep is my love for you
Just so you know
can’t love none other but you
Just so you know
Day and night no changing my love for you

Love Messages 2
Though life happens to us all
My love for you will rise but won’t fall
Like a baked cake will rise and won’t fall
Through trial and test I’ll rise for you I won’t fall

Tested and trusted like a vehicle tyre
Our love will last for long and won’t tire
I’ll be truthful to you won’t be a liar
As big as a bulldozer so is my love not a small plier