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Sweet Romantic Love Messages for your Cute Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Love Messages 1
You are the one
My heart is what you won
You are the one
With whom my life race I want to run
You are the one
Without whom my system won’t run
I love you for real not for fun

My love for you; Incredible
My plans for you; Incomparable
My respect for you; unimaginable
Breaking this heart of yours is unthinkable
The love we share is unbreakable
We are inseparable like a dj and the turntable

When inspiration deserts me
I think of you
When doubt overwhelms me
I remember how favor found me
When God gave me you
Grateful to God I didn’t miss out of been loved by you
I really do love you I do and before God and man its true

Love Messages 2
This love feels like magic
Ours is a sweet love story nothing tragic
This love feels awesome
We are a great mix of beautiful and handsome
God has been good to us He’s been awesome

Like a sweet love song
You drive away my weakness you make me strong
Like a comforting love letter
You drive my sadness you make me feel better
To the best of my ability our love can only get better