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Romantic Love Messages to say Good Morning or Good Night

Love Messages 1
Never felt a love so good
Turned my bad to good
Sad was I, now am happiest in my neighborhood
My soul mate my sweet soul food
I will love you when it’s bad and when it’s good

I love myself but I love you better
I love bread but not without butter
You are bread to my life I love you with or without butter

In life’s desert I will be your fresh water
When you want it hot I will be hotter
My other half much better than any other
I’ll love you in cold and in hot weather

Love Messages 2
I’ll be sugar to your tea, butter to your bread
I’ll be eyes for you to see comfort and pillow for your head
I will be your honey not a bee
Groom when you need to wed
I Promise to love you till the end

You are always in my heart no matter the distance
Always in love with you no matter the instance
Perfect together like Rome and Romans
My love, your brightness is like the sun in brilliance
Love you