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Cool Love Text Messages For My Sweetheart

Love at first sight it was not
Love that went right it was
To break your heart I will not
I will love you for better for worse
And it will get better for us not worse
I love you and I love us

Like flower in a vase you beautify my life
My promise is to love you for life
To live as husband and wife
In peace and love no strife
With much love from your best friend for life

My hands miss you cause I aint holding you
My lips miss you cause I aint kissing you
My darling my everything is you
I just want to better love you for you

The extent of my love for you knows no boundary
I give you my love to others I set a boundary
I will go all the way with you it doesn’t matter the country
No doubting and fretting I will love you
Forever no doubt don’t worry

In my thought you are there
When you are far in my heart you remain near
No letting go off you we go well
Together like chicken and beer
Nothing to worry nothing no fear
For you I will always be there