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Rhyming Words To Send My Lover as Text Message

Love Messages 1
However many the colors of the rainbow it’s always beautiful
However far the distance of the sun it shines on us daily
However far I am from you I will always love you dearly
However many the women I see you’ll always be the most beautiful
I just want to be your rainbow and your sunlight

The luckiest girl in the world is me
For in the midst of many, my darling you chose me
Never will I be a problem to you
Believe me I’ll give my everything to you

There shall be no reason to let go off you
Wherever fate leads me I’ll go for you
There shall be no disappointing you
I’ll be a superstar for you
Always will I love you for you
Committed wholly to only you
I love you

Love Messages 2
This is the woman I love
So blessed to have her she’s a gift from above
I place no one above her
Never to let go off her
Whether near or far always faithful in my love to her

Feelings may die
But our love for each other will stay fly
Forever attracted to you like a flower to a butterfly
Whether low or high
You’ll remain the apple of my eye