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Love Text Messages to Express My Love to Her

You are the door way to my heart
And you hold the keys to my heart
Like the extra keys to my flat
I love you and it will surely stay like that

Our love is like a song you are the harmony
Without you our love goes off key and stays flat
I’ll love you whether you are curvy or just flat
You enrich me I love you more than I love money
I really do love you believe me

Loyal to you I can’t deny you
You are like gravity to me I can’t defy you
In ups and in downs I’ll stay beside you
Only God matters most to me aside you
I love you and want to be the heart that beat inside you

If I must lie it must be to protect you
If I must cheat I must be cheating death to stay around you
If I must fight I must be fighting to keep our love and my promise to you
Like an elevator you elevate me
I celebrate you sweet lover of me
You is the better half of me
The filler of the vacuum of me
Love you like I love the good side of me