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Sweet SMS To Express Your Love

My love you are the best
In our love I find peace and rest
It’s you I love and I got no time for the rest
I aint gonna ever leave you
So keep calm and keep your mind at rest

Though love hurt sometimes
But I will stay with you at all times
Through the pain, the love, the hurt, the smiles
I’ll remain your best friend for life

My sweetheart for you I will
Keep calm and keep still
Trust me I love you for real
Our best is yet to come love you forever
What we share is the real deal

I think of you and a smile cross my face
Though you’re far and not in this place
Yet I love you like we’re together in this place
It’s you I love and will take to my mama’s place

Our love is like a race with no end
Through the ups and downs we won’t come to an end
My promise is to love you like a friend
Till my life come to an end