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Lovely Love Quotes to Say I Love You

Love Quotes 1
i want you to stay
like i promised you i will stay
for you this i pray
that you hold on to our love all the way
like i will stay true to you all the way

i love u nothing is gonna change that
i know things haven't been rosy like that
in good or bad circumstances our love will stay strong like that
my promise of love to you is unbreakable you should never forget that

Love Quotes 2
you deserve my 100% attention
you deserve all my love and affection
to you i promise my undivided attention
till i breathe my last i will show u my undiluted love and affection

believe me when i say its you alone
believe me when i call you bone of my bone
believe me when i say i will never leave u alone
believe me when i say i will forever b attracted to u like a dog to a bone