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Cool Love Poems for Her for Him

Dynamic is our love not static
Strong like iron not plastic
Our love is more than basic this love is classic
Glad I chose you this feeling is awesome Am ecstatic

I’ll love you with actions more than just words
I’ll speak once but I’ll act twice
Even when you vex me I’ll still act nice
Believe me my dear these are true words

I celebrate you my darling
I’m elevated by your loving
Undying love I got for you no lying
You got me high like a kite am just flying

I’m privilege to be loved by you
And I promise to always stand by you
Glad I said hi when I was first met you
These sweet words are inspired by you
Forever in love with you
Never to be discouraged not even by you

Like a love song with sweet lyrics
So is how you are to me better believe this
Am conditioned to love only you I can’t reverse this