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Sweet Words To Tell Her or Him I Love I Love Her or Him

Our love is a gift yet I can’t unwrap it
Your love is more than a word though I can spell it
Your love is real I can’t discard it
You love me for who I am it’s hard to forget it
True love is what I have for you believe it

Heartbroken? I will fix it
Heartless? I will replace it
Loveless? Sweet love I will provide it
I am made to love you can’t escape it
True love I got for you believe it

The closer I get to you
The more I realize how sweet love can be
The moment I’m away from you
The more it dawns on me how incomplete I am without you
I want to be there for you
I want you to always be happy you chose me and I chose you

I love you with a love this strong
For you I could pen a love song
No holding back all my love is for you
No letting go I found true love in you
I prayed for this and I have found you

I will express my love to you in lyrics
Love you for you this is not gimmicks
Make you happy you chose me that’s my mission
Keep our love alive that’s my commission
I’ll give you my 100% love and attention