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Love Messages for My darling Love

I will protect you like a loving daddy
I will care for you like a loving mummy
Sweet love for you creamy and yummy
Your wish my command, just want to be your dummy

Our love is the best
Standing strong no matter the test
Forever your sweetheart won’t relent
No cheating no lying I already repent

I bless the day we met
Safe in my memory where it’s kept
I’ll stay beautiful for you never unkept
My heart I give to you please accept

The brightness of the sunlight
Can’t compare with my love for you
My promise to you is to do you right
I love you for you I chose you for the personality that makes you

I can’t love you too much
I don’t know why I love you this much
Priceless like a rare gem you deserve this much
However much I love you it still can never be too much