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Romantic Messages of Love for My Sweetheart

Love Messages 1
Goodbye is hard to say when saying it to you
Sleeping is hard to do when am doing it without you
Happy is how I feel when good moments are spent with you
I love you and I bet you do too

Waking up beside you is a dream come true
Watching you sleep interest me than a dozen love movie
To love you for long is the plan, I can never be through
Our love story is a classic better than the greatest love movie

Like a bee that cannot make honey
So am I without my sweetheart my honey
Living without you is not cool and not funny
I’ll chose you above material things and money
For with you I’m richer than I can ever be with money

Love Messages 2
The end of our love is not in sight
The brightness of our love is like the sunlight
Our love twinkles like the stars not like the flash of torchlight
Honey you are my superstar I see you in limelight

I love you today better than I did yesterday nothing has changed
No longer am I the same my life has changed
For to my life you have been a catalyst
Perfect is our love no need for an analyst