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Poems of Love for the One I Love

New is how our love feels everyday
Steadfast is how I’ll stay all the way
Sweet is how you’ve been day by day
Forever will I love you yesterday today and everyday

I love you never to change my mind
True love that sees not in any way blind
I see your good and I see your bad but I don’t mind
Never to go away I’m like the window and you are the blind
Love you dearly

My heart skips a beat when you touch me
Cold and lonely is how it feels when you are not beside me
Your love has touched the very depth of me
Loving you to the best of me
Is all that matters to me

Am captured by your love like I broke the law
This is nothing like I’ve felt before
Beyond the feelings I just want to love you the more
I love you dearly and you is the one I adore

Loving you makes me feel complete
The vacuum of my life is what your love completes
Me without you is like a house that’s not complete
I love you and with this nothing can compete