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Good Morning Love Messages from Me To Her or Him

Good Morning Love Messages 1
If I had to choose again
I’ll choose you again
Come shine come rain
I’ll love you again and again

Special is how I regard you
Lonely is how I am without you
Dearly is how i love you
Forever will last my love for you
Believe it these words of mine are true

Close to me is where I want you
Far from me is where I miss you
I love you my life is made complete by you
To live the rest of my life with you
Is what I promise you

Good Morning Love Messages 2
A bed without pillow is incomplete
Me without you is like twitter without a tweet
Sugar is but nothing if it’s not sweet
Sweetness is what you bring into my life
I just want to love you for life

You are all over my mind
Like a window covered by a blind
Your covering is the type I don’t mind
My love for you is not blind
I see it all I just don’t mind
I love you I do I hope you don’t mind