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Romantic Text Message To Send to Her or Him

My choice is you all the same
My love is true it will stay the same
Though I age and don’t remain the same
Remember my promise of love to you will stay the same

I stay up all night
Composing sweet words of love
For my darling sweetheart
Sweet words for the one I cherish

I love you and I’ll do anything to prove it
Undying love I got for you believe it
I love you with a love this big
Don’t ever forget it

Believe me when I say it’s over
Over with lying and cheating
Believe me when I say am done
Done with the life of a player
I found true love in you and I want to live
The rest of my life with you

I‘m showered by your love
Showered by your love like pouring rain from above
Blessed by your love like unforgettable gift from God above