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Good Morning, Good Night, I Miss You Love Messages

Love Messages 1
Without you I’m a lone ranger
Without you it’s like I’m sleeping in a manger
Without you is risky it’s like danger
Without you even to myself I feel like a stranger

Wake up to life
Wake up to love
Wake up knowing I love you today
Better than I did yesterday
Good morning my dear I love you

Never forget that I love you
Sleep well knowing my most important business is you
Sweet dreams boo
I love you

Love Messages 2
You are sitting there
Wishing you are here
Perhaps it’s boring there
Knowing it would have been interesting here
In my heart I connect with you there
If it ever gets boring there
Just remember us together and a smile will cross your face there
Whether here or there I will always love you, yeah

I only miss you when I breathe
I will love you till I no longer can breathe
Like the very air that I breathe
Your absence makes it really hard to breathe
Our love is deep can’t measure the breadth and the width