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Romantic Words to Send as SMS to Him or Her

Words are not enough to express this love I feel for you
Better than words action will express my love when I show it
To make you happy whatever the cost I will do it
You are all I want I love you

With you I can picture a loving family
In my future I can picture you clearly
My priceless sweetheart I love you dearly
To live ever with you happily
That’s what I pray to God daily

Wonderful love is what this is
Sweet memories and even sweeter kisses
What we share is priceless never to toy with this
Before a congregation am ready to proof this

May our love last long
Longer than the word long can express
May our life together be sweet
Sweeter than the word sweet can express
Love you beyond words in action my love I will express

With you in my heart everywhere I go you come along
With your love in my heart am inspired to write a love song
Though a lot want me but to you alone I belong
Our love feels write may I never be wrong