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Love Messages to Say Hi to Her

Love Messages 1
I’ll make hay when the sun shines
But I’ll love you come rain come shine
The day is bright when the sun shines
But my life is bright you are my sunshine

You are in my life 24hours
You beautify my life like roses and purple flowers
Without you I am odd not even
Till my life ends I’ll love you 24 seven

I remain human and I’m not perfect
But I remain loyal my commitment to you is perfect
Your love enriches me like a million dollar asset
I present my love to you in cartons and drums not sachet
You are perfectly loved by me no defect

Love Messages 2
I fell in love with you and I’m still standing
Head over heels in love with you no relenting
I give my life to our love not repenting
I believe in our love I believe in our God
And on these I’ll keep depending

No one knows me like you do
No one feels my love like you do
No one else comes close to me like you do
I gave my all on the day that I said ‘’I Do’’
I love you I still do and will always do